English Video Endowment 914

This plan is described as a combination of protection and savings.

Hindi Video Endowment 914

This plan is described as a combination of protection and savings.

It is a non-linked life insurance plan which offers guaranteed returns in the form of Guaranteed Sum Assured and vested reversionary bonuses with Final Additional Bonus. Policy can be availed with duration of 12 years to 35 years and can be taken any person between the ages of 8 years to 55 years.

Combination of Life insurance & investment

It gives a lump sum amount at the end of term, to take care of important milestones in your life like retirement needs, children’s education, and children’s marriage. In case of unfortunate demise, family needs are taken care.

Discount on higher Sum Assured

On higher Sum Assured discount is offered on premium.
If Sum Assured is more than Rs.200000/- then discount is given on premium and lower premium rates applied. 

Low Periodic Premium

Comparing Premium charged for other policies in Endowment Category, premium for New Endowment Assurance is low with good returns after completion of Term

Profit Sharing as per Valuation

Every year, LIC declares valuation results.
As per valuation result declared by LIC, profit is being shared among all policyholders as bonus.

Additional Accident Benefit

In case of untimely demise due to an accident, an additional sum equal to purchase price will be given.By paying small extra premium amount, you can secure your life for high insurance protection on natural or accidental death by opting DAB and Term Rider.


Avail Tax benefit on premium paid

Tax Free maturity amount

Tension Free Claim Settlement


Entry Age8 Years Completed55 Years Nearest birthday
Term12 Years35 Years
PPTEqual to Term
Maturity age75 Years Nearest birthday
Sum Assured₹ 1,00,000/-
Mode of PaymentYearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly,Monthly(ECS)
and through salary deducations(SSS)

The basic Sum Assured shall be in multiples of ₹ 5,000/-

DAB Conditions

Maximum Sum Assured :- ₹ 1,00,00,000/- not exceed to the basic sum assured

Minimum Entry Age :- 18 Years completed

Maximum Entry Age :- 55 Years nearest birthday

Maximum Maturity Age :- 70 Years nearest birthday

Sum Assured shall be available in multiples of ₹ 5,000/-

Term Rider Conditions

Minimum Age At entry : 18 Years (Completed)

Maximum Age At entry : 60 Years nearest birthday

Minimum Sum Assured : ₹ 1,00,000

Maximum Sum assured : ₹ 25,00,000

Maximum Maturity Age : 75 Years nearest birthday

Sum Assured in multiples of ₹ 5,000

Premium Waiver Benefit (PWB) Rider – optional if Life Assured age is below 18 Years

Condition for Proposer's Age:-

Minimum Entry Age : 18 Years (completed)

Maximum Entry Age : 55 Years (Nearer Birthday)

Maximum cover ceasing age : 70 Years (Nearest Birthday)